Mayerly Johana Puchana-Rosero

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Microwave-induced chemical activation process was used to prepare an activated carbon from cocoa shell for efficient removal of two anti-inflammatories, sodium diclofenac (DFC) and nimesulide (NM), from aqueous solutions. A paste was obtained from a mixture of cocoa shell and inorganic components; with a ratio of inorganic: organic of 1 (CSC-1.0). The(More)
A macromolecule, CML, was obtained by purifying and carboxy-methylating the lignin generated from acid hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse during bioethanol production from biomass. The CMLs complexed with Al(3+) (CML-Al) and Mn(2+) (CML-Mn) were utilised for the removal of a textile dye, Procion Blue MX-R (PB), from aqueous solutions. CML-Al and CML-Mn were(More)
Physical and thermal treatment was used to inactivate Trametes sp. SC-10 fungus. The resulting biomass was named BTV, characterized by analytical techniques such as SEM, EDX, FTIR, BET, and Barrett-Joyner-Halenda (BJH) model. pH, kinetic, and equilibrium adsorption studies with the Acid Blue 161 (AB-161) dye were investigated at 303.15 K. The kinetics of(More)
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