Maycon Leone Maciel Peixoto

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This paper introduces a novel design approach for real-time multi-resource scheduling aimed at ensuring upper-bounded average response time in interactive computer services. By analyzing the properties of conventional heuristics, this work presents a new algorithm which combines resource and queue disciplines in an orthogonal scheduling architecture which(More)
The convergence between Web services and Grid computing became possible the integration of distributed services, providing the use of sharing and coordinated resources on the network. In this environment, the purpose of a Metascheduler would improve the performance, availability and scalability of the resources. In this paper, we present a Metascheduler(More)
The vast cloud computing environment holds out good prospects for researchers in the computing technology field. However, with several Cloud providers offering different pricing models, the evaluation and modeling of Cloud environments and applications are getting harder because there is a lack of tools for this task. We propose the CM Cloud Simulator to(More)
The automatic composition of Web Services has been explored in the literature from different standpoints. It aims to create an execution plan for the flow of Web Services based on requests made and sent by the client, by following the stages necessary for the generation of composite services and then carrying out the execution of the workflow that has been(More)
This paper presents an approach to provide quality of service for IoT-Cloud users through a dynamic virtual machine allocation algorithm on a Metascheduler. Although there are others reactive approach to handle with general cases of virtual machine allocation and placement, they may have not optimal performance for IoT workload, because it aggregates a new(More)
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