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We hypothesized that endothelial AT1-activated NAD(P)H oxidase-driven generation of reactive oxygen species during type I-diabetes impairs carotid ACE2-angiotensin-(1-7)-Mas axis functionality, which(More)
The purpose from this study was to investigate the consequences of sensory neurocompensation to carotid balloon injury in diabetic rats on angiotensin II-induced contraction and basal blood flow in(More)
AT1 antagonists effectively prevent atherosclerosis since AT1 upregulation and angiotensin II-induced proinflammatory actions are critical to atherogenesis. Despite the classic mechanisms underlying(More)
One of the cornerstones of rational drug development is the measurement of molecular parameters derived from ligand-receptor interaction, which guides therapeutic windows definition. Over the last(More)
OBJECTIVES Our main objectives were to investigate the affinity properties of endothelial and muscular α1D -adrenoceptors and to characterize the cross-talk between endothelial α1D -adrenoceptors and(More)