Mayara Sanay da Silva Oliveira

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Montmorillonite modified with a quaternary ammonium salt C30B/starch nanocomposite (C30B/ST-NC), silver nanoparticles/starch nanocomposite (Ag-NPs/ST-NC) and both silver nanoparticles/C30B/starch nanocomposites (Ag-NPs/C30B/ST-NC) films were produced. The nanoclay (C30B) was dispersed in a starch solution using an ultrasonic probe. Different concentrations(More)
Poly(lactic acid) nanocomposites containing Cloisite 15A, Cloisite 30B, and Dellite 43B were prepared by melt-mixing in a batch mixer and were exposed to UV radiation, temperature, and microorganism in solution and in a compost. Exposed samples, collected along the time, were characterized by several techniques. While the addition of organoclays had a(More)
Natural enemies of insect herbivores use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by plants to locate suitable patches for foraging. When a plant is damaged by herbivores, it can modify its VOC profile, enhancing attraction of the herbivore’s natural enemies. In both natural and agricultural ecosystems, plants are usually attacked by more than one species(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Health launched the second edition of the Dietary Guidelines for the Brazilian Population (DGBP), which deploys the new food classification NOVA. It esteems that the second DGBP overcomes the limitations in the previous food guide, reformulating the diet concepts, food pattern, culture and system. The present(More)
Time-domain heart rate variability (HRV) parameters and the correlation between echocardiography and Holter examinations in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) were determined. Holter examination was also performed at different time frames: an entire 24-hour period, a four-hour period during sleep, and a four-hour period while awake. Ten(More)
Phosphorus is known to contribute to eutrophication of fresh water systems, as generally it is the limiting nutrient controlling algae growth. Laboratory studies were conducted to develop and test active barriers composed of aluminium oxide immobilized on to polyolefins to remove phosphorus from water. For this purpose, flat plates of polyethylene and(More)
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