Mayara Queiroz Santiago

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A novel lectin present in Dioclea reflexa seeds (DrfL) was discovered and described in this study. DrfL was purified in a single step by affinity chromatography in a Sephadex G-50 column. The lectin(More)
Lectins are proteins, or glycoproteins, capable of reversibly binding to specific mono- or oligosaccharides via a noncatalytic domain. The Diocleinae subtribe presents lectins with high structural(More)
The lectin from Platypodium elegans seeds (PELa) was purified by affinity chromatography in a mannose-agarose column. The lectin agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes and the agglutinating effect was(More)
The Pisum arvense lectin (PAL), a legume protein belonging to the Vicieae tribe, is capable of specific recognition of mannose, glucose and its derivatives without altering its structure. In this(More)