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Interaction of six isolates of Kabatiella caulivora (545, 547, 2212, BNL, BDG and KLN) collected from different geographical regions of Western Australia and Victoria with six cultivars (Clare, Daliak, Enfield, Guildford D, Karridale and Woogenellup) of subterranean clover was studied at seedling (2-week old) and adult-plant (12-week old) stages. Seedling(More)
Four cultivars of Populus spp., compatible to varying degrees with four races of M. larici-populina Kleb., were raised in a controlled environment on a high (28°/20°C, day/night) and low (20°/10°C) temperature regime. Leaf discs cut from the plants were inoculated separately with four individual races of M. laricipopulina and subsequently incubated at(More)
The ability to process, analyze, and evaluate realtime data and to identify their anomaly patterns is in response to realized increasing demands in various networking domains, such as corporations or academic networks. The challenge of developing a scalable, fault-tolerant and resilient monitoring system that can handle data in real-time and at a massive(More)
The growing affordability of smart phones and mobile devices has only added to this trend by encouraging prolonged durations of inactivity. In this paper, we present a middleware, called the Pervasive Middleware for Activity Recognition (PEMAR) that aims to increase the level of physical activity by creating a middleware for active games on mobile devices.(More)
During the last few years, FAO, as depository of the International Plant Protection Convention, has been promoting the harmonisation of phytosanitary requirements in quarantine. Pest Risk Analysis (PRA), the systematic assessment and management of risks due to exotic pests and diseases, has been introduced to assist quarantine organisations in targeting the(More)
Four mono-uredospore isolates of Melampsora larici-populina Kleb. produced qualitatively distinct reactions on four half-sib clones of Populus deltoides Marsh. and thus were recognisable as races. Two of the races could be distinguished equally readily by the distinctness of their reactions (three quantitative parameters) on four compatible clones of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compared seed culture of hemorrhagic septicemia (HS) bacteria which was used to produce vaccine for its antibody induction efficiency before and after passaging in natural host (calf) using laboratory animals. METHODS Serial dilution of virulent bacteria was injected in to mice which were immunized with HS vaccine which was obtained from seed(More)
Understanding contextual information composed of both text and images is very useful for multimedia information processing. However, capturing such contexts is not trivial, especially while dealing with real datasets. Existing solutions such as using ontologies (e.g., WordNet) are mainly interested in individual terms, but they do not support identifying a(More)
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