Mayank Prakash

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T he major limitations in building large software have always been (a) its brittleness when confronted by problems that were not foreseen by its builders, and (b) the amount of manpower required. The recent history of expert systems, for example, highlights how constricting the brittleness and knowledge acquisition bottlenecks are. Moreover, standard(More)
A compact printed monopole ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with single band-notched characteristics of size 18mm× 12mm on FR4 substrate is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a pair of slits and two U slots with a key shaped slot combined with one of the U slot. This provides a wide band width from 4.4 to 11.7 GHz with single band frequency notch(More)
A healthy and a sound banking system are very essential for an economy in order to grow and remain in this competitive environment. RBI and other regulatory bodies have taken several policies in the light of developing the functioning of the banking sector. The best indicator for the health of the banking industry in a country is its level of Non-performing(More)
In this paper the design of the 8 element linear patch array using the power divider concept and its characteristics are studied. The linear array of 8 elements has shown a gain of 6.6 dB with beam width of 0.68 and multiband characteristics. The second iteration of the fractals concept is applied to the 8 elements linear array and the variations in the(More)
ACT ACT ACT: : : : A HPTLC, UV spectrophotometric and ion pair extraction method were developed and validated for the estimation of lumefantrine in tablets. The parameters linearity, precision, specificity, robustness, limit of detection and limit of quantitation were studied according to " The International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines " for(More)
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