Mayank Maheshwari

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Grid Computing has emerged as an important new field focusing on resource sharing. One of the most challenging issues in Grid Computing is efficient scheduling of tasks. Load Balancing is a technique to improve parallelism, utilization of resources increasing throughput managing and to reduce response time through proper distribution of the tasks. Generally(More)
Increasing concern about global warming and depleting petroleum reserves have made scientists to focus more on the use of natural fibres such as bagasse, coir, sisal, jute etc. This has resulted in creation of more awareness about the use of natural fibres based materials mainly composites. In past decade there has been many efforts to develop composites to(More)
Application areas of multi cluster grid are increases day by day because of the seamless and scalable access to wide-area distributed resources in grid environment. Multi cluster grid allows sharing, selection and aggregates of geographically resources over heterogeneous and distributed locations. But some issues arise in multi cluster grid due to its(More)
Disk I/O is generally considered the bottleneck in memory operations. This is generally due to mechanical limitations (limited disk rotation caps transfer bandwidth), and the general architecture of modern disks (rotating platters ac-cessed by a single head on the arm), which causes a delay on the positioning of the head. Operating systems are generally(More)
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