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Automatic Detection and Removal of Disfluencies from Spontaneous Speech
In this paper we introduce signal processing algorithms to automatically identify and remove repetitions and filled pauses from spontaneous speech before passing it to an ASR for transcription. Expand
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Terahertz scattering by granular composite materials: An effective medium theory
Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy and imaging have emerged as important tools for identification and classification of various substances, which exhibit absorption characteristics at distinct frequenciesExpand
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Reduction of Scattering Effects in THz-TDS Signals
The scattering of terahertz radiation from the granular nature of a sample can potentially distort or obscure its characteristic spectral features. Several techniques have been proposed to reduce theExpand
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Terahertz scattering by two phased media with optically soft scatterers
In the last few decades, terahertz time domain spectroscopy has seen an increasing popularity in a variety of applications such as pharmaceutical material characterization, food quality control,Expand
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Terahertz fingerprinting in presence of quasi-ballistic scattering
characteristic molecular vibrational and rotational modes in the terahertz spectral range (0.3‐3THz), enabling them to absorb terahertz (THz) radiation at specific frequencies. These absorptionExpand
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Terahertz scattering by dense media
Frequency dependent absorption of a given material at distinct frequencies in the terahertz (THz) range is commonly used as a spectral fingerprint for material identification and classification.Expand
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Mitigating scattering effects in THz-TDS measurements
Scattering is a major problem in precise measurement of quasi-optical parameters of material samples. In this paper, we review some popular scattering mitigating techniques and propose a novel methodExpand
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Three dimensional microphone and source position estimation using TDOA and TOF measurements
This paper presents a three dimensional sensor and source position calibration algorithm for automatically determining the positions of individual microphones in three dimensional space with at least one linear sub array of sensors. Expand
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Terahertz Hollow Core Antiresonant Fiber with Metamaterial Cladding
A hollow core antiresonant photonic crystal fiber (HC-ARPCF) with metal inclusions is numerically analyzed for transmission of terahertz (THz) waves. The propagation of fundamental and higher orderExpand
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Scattering estimation from spectral moments of THz-TDS signals
Scattering poses a major challenge to the precise measurement of spectral parameters of various materials. In this paper, we propose a novel signal processing based method of estimating scatteringExpand