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The end of twentieth century is witnessing far-reaching changes in the reproductive behaviour of modern man. Population is doubling now in a record time of 30 years in some parts of the world like India. On the other hand, living-together without marriage and widespread use of contraceptives is making child bearing highly optional in the West. Technological(More)
This study was conducted to standardize a clinical test to assess cognitive functions in children between 3-14 years and to evaluate its use in patients with encephalopathy. We included 50 children in Group A with non-neurological illness. Another 50 children were included in Group B with encephalopathy due to varied etiologies. The Mini Mental State(More)
Effect of vitamin A supplementation on duration of diarrhea was evaluated in 108 cases between 6 months to 5 years of age suffering from acute diarrhea of less than 3 days duration and results were compared with equal number of age and sex matched controls having comparable feeding pattern, nutritional and socio-economic status and clinical profile who did(More)
Acute viral hepatitis A and E (HAV/HEV) are usually self-limiting illnesses. However, they can have atypical presentations which lead to increased morbidity and mortality. We studied 81 patients from all age groups admitted with these infections at our centre over a 1 year period. Acute liver failure, prolonged cholestasis, ascites and haemolysis are common(More)
Total Leydig cell volume has been quantitatively determined by a histometric point-counting method in six common mammals, including man. Although the size of the testis has increased from 1.3 +/- 0.1 ml in the rat to 19.8 +/- 6.9 ml in the buffalo, the composition has remained fairly constant with the Leydig cells making up 9--16% of the testicular volume.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Infections are a common and serious complication among patients with cirrhosis. We assessed the epidemiology, risk factors, and clinical consequences of bacterial infections in cirrhotic patients. METHODS In this multicenter prospective study, all patients with cirrhosis of liver with different infections were analyzed. Infections were(More)
We have treated 25 pregnant patients with burns over a period of 6 years (1986-91). During this period total admissions to the burn unit were 1260. There were 187 women of child-bearing age, with burns ranging between 15 and 100 per cent TBSA. We would like to emphasize that, with proper care, the prognosis of patients with burns who are pregnant is(More)
Tuberculosis is a common disease in India. Its prevalence is higher in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of tuberculosis in patients with liver cirrhosis in Western India. The prevalence was fifteen times higher than in the general population. It was significantly higher in alcoholics. The response to(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional tests of coagulation which only measure procoagulant factors do not correctly estimate the actual in vivo hemostatic balance in cirrhosis. This prospective multicenter study was conducted to evaluate safety of various invasive procedures in the presence of abnormal coagulation tests and to correlate conventional coagulation(More)