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With outsourcing on the rise, every relation between an outsourcer and a vendor calls for collaboration between multiple organizations across multiple locations. As part of a global IT-services organization with high process maturity, we have had many opportunities to understand the requirements engineering life cycle related to global software development.(More)
In today's scenario, MANET is become prominent because of its small size and large computing capabilities. Routing is exceptionally significant issue as we have to transfer the message from source to sink which is very critical because the guarantee of delivery of message is not present. Hence there are different routing protocols are present in adhoc(More)
While advanced collaboration tools are available in the market, feedback from organizations suggests a sub-optimal use and insufficient value leveraged from these tools. Our research focuses on identifying patterns of collaboration among distributed team members by mapping the interaction scenarios and associated goals, task contexts, success factors and(More)
Our participation in CLEF 2007 consisted of two Cross-lingual and one monolingual text retrieval in the Ad-hoc bilingual track. The cross-language task includes the retrieval of English documents in response to queries in two Indian languages, Hindi and Bengali. The Hindi and Bengali queries were first processed using a morphological analyzer (Bengali), a(More)
The flow of information in online social media during events has been widely studied in the computer science community. It has also been shown how information picked from online social media can help to eventually aid eventful, especially, crisis situations in real life. However, most of the work has focused on utilizing a single social network for(More)
This paper describes our experiment on two cross-lingual and one monolingual English text retrievals at CLEF 1 in the ad-hoc track. The cross-language task includes the retrieval of English documents in response to queries in two most widely spoken Indian languages, Hindi and Bengali. For our experiment, we had access to a Hindi-English bilingual lexicon,(More)
Cognitive radio's rising popularity among various engineers, scientists and researchers can be credited to the increasing number of users of wireless technology and the radio spectrum which is limited. In this paper, various advances which have been made so far to improvise cognitive radio technology have been discussed in brief to give the reader an(More)