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A method for 3D reconstruction of the coronary arteries from two radiographic images is presented. A novel technique for matching image structures is the main contribution of the work. After a comprehensive study of the knowledge required to approach this problem, an automatic method, which includes both numeric and symbolic procedures to solve geometric(More)
Motion blur results when the scene is not static and image being recorded changes during the recording due to long exposure or motion. Because of motion blur projected image is smeared over the sensor according to the motion. Motion blur PSF is characterized by two parameters, namely blur direction and blur length. Faithful Restoration of the motion blurred(More)
Even though Image Restoration being a conventional problem in image processing, is still a demanding area and has always attracted the interest of research community. Image restoration algorithms are important as it serves a wide range of real world applications such as astronomy, medical imaging and photo editing are just a few which demands a good quality(More)
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