Mayalen Erviti

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When a test sound consisting of pure tones with equal intensities is preceded by a precursor sound identical to the test sound except for a reduction in the intensity of one tone, an auditory "enhancement" phenomenon occurs: In the test sound, the tone which was previously softer stands out perceptually. Here, enhancement was investigated using inharmonic(More)
OBJECTIVE Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) show enhanced perceptual and memory abilities in the domain of pitch, but also perceptual deficits in other auditory domains. The present study investigated their skills with respect to "echoic memory," a form of short-term sensory memory intimately tied to auditory perception, using a developmental(More)
Can auditory attention be split? We addressed this question using rapid sequences of tones alternating in frequency between 2 remote registers. In these rapid sequences, consecutive tones could not be perceptually linked; the tones were instead inevitably segregated into 2 concurrent melodic streams. Listeners had to determine if the 2 melodies interleaved(More)
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