Mayadah B. Shehadeh

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BACKGROUND Although there is little information available to quantify the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), growing evidence suggests that CAM prevalence among patients seeking infertility treatment is increasing worldwide. There are many products available on the market and many infertile patients demand information about CAM from their(More)
Sulphonylurea compounds have versatile activities such as antidiabetic, diuretic, herbicide, oncolytic, antimalarial, antifungal and anticancer. The present study describes the design, synthesis and in vivo testing of novel glycosylated aryl sulfonylurea compounds as antihyperglycaemic agents in streptozocine-induced diabetic mice. The rational for the(More)
Statistical association between congenital autism and prenatal exposure to ritodrine (4-(2-((1R,2S)-1-hydroxy-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propan-2-ylamino)ethyl)phenol) as a tocolytic agent was a matter of concern. Moreover, neuronal nitric oxide momentous role in various behavioral and cognitive functions was reported. In this context, a correlation between(More)
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