Mayada Alqaisi

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Adequate immunosuppression remains a major obstacle to successful xenotransplantation, with early xenograft rejection appearing to be mediated by humoral factors. Total-lymphoid irradiation (TLI) and 15-deoxyspergualin (DOSP) have been shown to be effective immunosuppressive agents in allografs. In this study, TLI alone and in combination with DOSP and(More)
The effectiveness of fractionated TLI in promoting allograft tolerance without chronic drug therapy is well established experimentally. TLI has not been widely applied in clinical transplantation, largely due to logistic and medical limitations of pretransplant TLI conditioning. Potential use of posttransplant TLI (PT-TLI) has not been critically evaluated.(More)
In-vitro mouse co-culture of E14 embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and OP9 stromal cells can recapitulate the earliest stages of haematopoietic development, not accessible in human embryos, supporting both haemogenic precursors and their primitive haematopoietic progeny. 1α, 25-Dihydroxy-vitamin D3 (VD3) has been demonstrated to be a powerful differentiation(More)
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