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BACKGROUND While the burden of rotavirus infection with regard to hospitalizations has been extensively investigated, there are sparse data on the cost and impact of this infection on the ambulatory part of the health system in Israel. OBJECTIVES To investigate the burden of rotavirus infection on the ambulatory system in Israel. METHODS Infants younger(More)
An acute form of transferred experimental allergic encephalomyelitis was induced by injection of activated, myelin basic protein-specific T cell line lymphocytes. The course of the disease as a function of the dose of cytotoxic cells was investigated, and the effect of i.p. and i.v. application of methotrexate on mortality and morbidity was determined.(More)
The effect of methotrexate and of silyl-methotrexate were compared in the treatment of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) mediated by T-line lymphocytes. It was demonstrated that, during the first three days after cell transfer, no difference between methotrexate and its silyl derivative could be seen. At a time when the cytotoxic lymphoblasts(More)
The therapeutic effects of mercaptopurine (6-mercaptopurine, 6-MP) and a silylated derivative (6-trimethylsilylthio-9-trimethyl-silylpurine, S-MP) were compared on the course of T lymphocyte line mediated experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (t-EAE). This transferred EAE is a passively induced model disease in Lewis rats easy to elicit, reliably(More)
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