Maya Sonoda

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Transection of rat adult facial nerve leads to an increase in the number of activated microglia in the facial nucleus (FN), with a peak in proliferation 3 days after transection. To investigate the characteristics of these activated microglia, we isolated the cells with high purity from axotomized FN (axFN) 3 days after transection according to the(More)
  • ProdottSTRINGA AUTORI, TITOLO ANNO, +13 authors Sanes
  • 2008
A mechanism of non-photochemical energy dissipation, independent from PsbS, revealed by a conformational change in the antenna protein CP26. Proinflammatory mediators elicit secretion of the intracellular B-lymphocyte stimulator pool (BLyS) that is stored in activated neutrophils: implications for inflammatory diseases. The taste cell-related diffuse(More)
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