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Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are key design blocks and are currently adopted in many application fields to improve digital systems, which achieve superior performances with respect to analog solutions. With the fast advancement of CMOS fabrication technology, more and more signal-processing functions are implemented in the digital domain for a lower(More)
In making undergraduate admissions decisions, colleges and universities must take a large amount of data into consideration for each applicant. Surprisingly, there is almost no work reported in the literature for a systematic, automated use of the wealth of data gathered by an institution over the years; such a system could guide admissions offices in(More)
The respiratory neural network in the pre-Botzinger complex of the ventrolateral medulla controls and flexibly maintains the breathing rhythm, coordinating network-wide bursting to signal the inspiratory phase of the breath. Interestingly, however, the connectivity of the network by which it achieves this coordination is still a subject of active research.(More)
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