Maya S. Bassil

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Protein anabolism is abnormal in human type 2 diabetes (T2DM). We review studies of anabolic stimuli that identify potential causes. If uncorrected, and combined with aging effects, they will compromise muscle function and mass. Knowing causes can guide studies of preventive and treatment measures. RECENT FINDINGS T2DM accelerates(More)
BACKGROUND Salvia libanotica (S. Libanotica) is a commonly used herb in folk medicine in Lebanon and the Middle East. The present study aimed to assess the scientific basis for the therapeutic use of S. libanotica in glycemia and to evaluate its effects on lipemia and abdominal fat. METHODS Animals were fed a high-fat diet and allocated into a control and(More)
Exposure to an enriched environment (EE) or the intake of a highly palatable diet may reduce the response to chronic stress in rodents. To further explore the relationships between EE, dietary intake and stress, male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed one of two diets for 5 weeks: high carbohydrate (HC) or "cafeteria" (CAF) (Standard HC plus a choice of highly(More)
PURPOSE Disordered eating behaviors are on the rise among youth. The present study investigates psychosocial and weight-related variables as predictors of eating disorders (ED) through disordered eating (DE) dimensions (namely restrained, external, and emotional eating) in Lebanese university students. METHODS The sample consisted of 244 undergraduates(More)
AIM The study was designed to investigate the immediate (1 h) effect of leptin and ghrelin injection on in vivo postprandial hepatic glycogen and lipid synthesis. ANIMALS AND METHODS Adult Sprague-Dawley male rats were fed a semisynthetic control diet ad libitum. Overnight-fasted rats were gavaged with 4 ml of water containing 1.25 g of the diet and(More)
OBJECTIVE Food intake is known to be affected by macronutrient composition of the diet, and protein manipulation has been reported to alter food intake, but the effect of individual amino acids on eating behavior has not been fully studied. This study investigated the effect of diet supplementation with three individual amino acids on meal pattern in male(More)
BACKGROUND Phosphorus status is inversely correlated with body weight; however, the effect of phosphorus supplementation on body weight in a controlled design has not been studied. METHODS This is a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 63 adults aged 18-45 years with a body mass index (BMI) of ⩾25 kg m(-2) and normal kidney function at(More)
Very little is known about media violence and its effect on appetite and eating behavior. The present study aims at investigating the immediate acute effect of violence in movies on mood, stress, appetite perception and food preferences in a real-life setting. A total of 447 subjects (F = 202; M = 239) completed a validated visual analog scale to record(More)
OBJECTIVE In insulin-resistant states, resistance of protein anabolism occurs concurrently with that of glucose, but can be compensated for by abundant amino acid (AA) provision. This effect and its mechanism were sought in obesity. METHODS Pancreatic clamps were performed in 8 lean and 11 obese men, following 5-h postabsorptive, 3-h infusions of(More)
Diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) is believed to be largely related to ATP production, which is dependent on phosphorus (P) availability. We aimed to test the effect of P addition on DIT of lean and overweight/obese healthy subjects. DIT was measured with or without P in 10 lean and 13 overweight/obese adults in a double-blind randomized cross-over pilot(More)