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BACKGROUND Physical activity has emerged as a vital area of public health. This emerging area of public health practice has created a need to develop practitioners who can address physical activity promotion using population-based approaches. Variations in physical activity practitioners' educations and backgrounds warranted the creation of minimal(More)
Received Dec 12, 2014 Revised Feb 15, 2015 Accepted Feb 28, 2015 Text Summarization is a process that is to give the shorter version of a text document. For many research scholars who want to do their research on a specific domain has to search a lot of documents on that topic related to a specific domain. It is also difficult to go through the lot of the(More)
With the presence multipath transport protocols (mptcp), a host can shift some of its traffic from more congested paths to less congested ones. Doing so it can compensate for lost bandwidth on some paths by moderately increasing transmission rates on other routes. But existing multipath proposals concentrate on a rough estimate of network congestion using(More)
A MANET (mobile ad hoc network) is a self-configuring infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected through a wireless medium. All the devices in MANET can move independently in any direction and frequently change its link to other devices. Each device can act as both a transmitter and receiver therefore MANET doesn't require a fixed network(More)
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