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Tumor cell-macrophage interactions increase angiogenesis through secretion of EMMPRIN
Tumor macrophages are generally considered to be alternatively/M2 activated to induce secretion of pro-angiogenic factors such as VEGF and MMPs. EMMPRIN (CD147, basigin) is overexpressed in manyExpand
Function of miR-146a-5p in Tumor Cells As a Regulatory Switch between Cell Death and Angiogenesis: Macrophage Therapy Revisited
Tumors survive and progress by evading killing mechanisms of the immune system, and by generating a tumor microenvironment (TME) that reprograms macrophages in situ to produce factors that supportExpand
Inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis by EMMPRIN multiple antigenic peptide (MAP) vaccination is mediated by immune modulation
It is shown that the tumor microenvironment was immune modulated, as vaccination induced production of EMMPRIN-specific antibodies, increased CD8+ T cells infiltration and cytotoxicity, alleviated immune suppression by decreasing TGFβ concentrations, reduced angiogenesis and cell proliferation, and enhanced apoptosis. Expand
Chylous Ascites Following Bariatric Surgery Report of Two Cases
Two cases of chylous ascites following Roux-En-Y gastric bypass are presented; the first one is a 60-year-old male who was presented to the ER six months after a Gastric bypass operation suffering from abdominal pain, CT scan and upper endoscopy were normal, however chylus ascites and internal hernia were found during exploratory laparoscopy. Expand