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There are many malware applications in Smartphone. Smartphone's users may become unaware if their data has been recorded and stolen by intruders via malware. Smartphone--whether for business or personal use--may not be protected from malwares. Thus, monitoring, detecting, tracking, and notification (MDTN) have become the main purpose of the writing of this(More)
Multi cloud computing has become a new trend for complementing existing cloud computing today. Multi cloud computing is considered safer and more efficient in maintaining data regulation of user(s). The paper discusses the security of mobile multi cloud computing (MMC) and the advantages for mobile user(s), beside that for the data security itself cover(More)
The recent development of malwares is rapidly progressing and intruders are getting better at concealing malwares to deceive users while researchers are developing security systems. One of the methods which is commonly used is behavior detection. In this paper, a more efficient behavior detection method and the framework of intrusion malware security system(More)
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