Maya J Pandya

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BZLF1 plays a key role in the induction of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) replication. On the basis of limited sequence homology and mutagenesis experiments, BZLF1 has been described as a member of the bZip family of transcription factors, but this prospect has not been rigorously tested to date. Here, we present biophysical analysis of the multimerization domain(More)
Tetrahydrobiopterin is an essential cofactor for aromatic amino acid hydroxylases, ether lipid oxidase and nitric oxide synthases. Its biosynthesis in mammals is regulated by the activity of the homodecameric enzyme GCH (GTP cyclohydrolase I; EC In previous work, catalytically inactive human GCH splice variants differing from the wild-type enzyme(More)
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