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A prospective, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of a single preoperative dose of dexamethasone, in different dosages, in providing postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH). The study included 55 patients randomly divided into three groups. Patients in(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to compare medical therapy alone and medical therapy with add on extraoral glossopharyngeal nerve block in terms of analgesic efficacy and hemodynamic safety in patients with glossopharyngeal neuralgia (GPN). As GPN is a rare disease, our secondary targets were to review the demographic profile of the disease, clinical(More)
We read the article by Chowbey and colleagues on regional anesthesia for laparoscopic total extra peritoneal (TEP) inguinal hernia repair [1]. It needs to be understood that regional anesthesia for laparoscopic TEP hernia repair poses certain problems. At our institute we have compared the safety and efficacy of combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSEA)(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Feasibility of ambulatory laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair in developing countries is not known due to lack of dedicated outpatient centers. This study prospectively evaluated the feasibility of outpatient discharge after laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair done in combination with in-hospital services and(More)
METHODS Fifty children (age 5-14 years, ASA I-II) undergoing elective ophthalmic surgery were chosen for the study. Of these, 25 received intravenous pethidine (control group) and 25 received a peribulbar block (block group) for perioperative analgesia, and were monitored intraoperatively and postoperatively by an investigator blinded to the analgesic(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the feasibility and stability of ocular alignment after single-stage adjustable strabismus surgery (SSASS) performed under topical anesthesia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-five patients of concomitant exodeviations were randomized into three groups of 15 cases each and were operated with three different techniques: Group I -(More)
BACKGROUNDS AND OBJECTIVES Lumbar-to-thoracic advancement of epidural catheter is a safe alternative to direct thoracic placement in children. In this prospective randomized study, success rate of advancement of two different types and gauges of catheter from lumbar-to-thoracic space were studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty ASA I and II children (up to 6(More)
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) usually develops after trauma. We are reporting the first case of CRPS with leprosy as a precipitating cause. A fifty-five-year male presented in the pain clinic with complaint of pain and swelling in the right arm. There was no history of trauma to the limb. On reviewing the history, patient was found to be on(More)
Laparoscopy assisted hemicolectomy for ileo-caecal tuberculosis is being evaluated the world over. Several procedures are performed laparoscopically, including the laparoscopic hemicolectomy, for benign and malignant diseases. Abdominal tuberculosis is one of the commonest causes of intestinal obstruction in India. We have evaluated the role of laparoscopic(More)
We present a rare but potentially harmful adverse reaction of propofol. A 50-year-old patient was posted for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, developed generalized convulsions after few seconds of propofol administration at anesthesia induction. Convulsions subsided with intravenous administrations of thiopentone and midazolam. Patient remained hemodynamically(More)