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Contingency and serendipity in the reactions of Fischer carbene complexes with conjugated triynes.
The first examples of reactions of Fischer carbene complexes with triynes are reported. The regioselectivity of the reaction of the two different alkyne functions in the symmetrical triyne depends onExpand
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Substrate-dependent dihydroxylation of substituted cyclopentenes: toward the syntheses of carbocyclic sinefungin and noraristeromycin.
Carbocyclic nucleosides are of considerable interest for the development of new therapeutic agents. A key reaction in the preparation of many such nucleoside analogues is dihydroxylation ofExpand
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Chemoenzymatic asymmetric total synthesis of phosphodiesterase inhibitors: preparation of a polycyclic pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine from an acylnitroso Diels-Alder cycloadduct-derived aminocyclopentenol.
[reaction: see text] Enzymatic resolution of Boc-protected 4-aminocyclopenten-1-ol 4c gave both enantiomers 5c and 6c in high ee. Boc removal and separate condensation with chloropyrazolopyrimidineExpand
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