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This paper presents a comparison of different fitters namely: Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), Particle Filter (PF) and a proposed Enhanced Particle / Kalman Filter (EPKF) used in robot localization. These filters are implemented in matlab environment and their performances are evaluated in terms of computational time and error from ground truth and the(More)
Electromyogram signal is a biomedical signal that measures electrical activity produced in a muscle during its contraction. This work presents a prototype system for moving a prosthetic lower arm, without prior operation intervention, using electrodes that measure electromyogram (EMG) signals placed on two muscles only. The signals are then read by sensors(More)
DV-Hop algorithm is a range free algorithm that uses hop distance in its calculations. An improved DV-Hop algorithm is proposed by changing the average hop-size. The evaluation of the performance was carried out on wireless sensor network localization. Sensors were placed according to two functions, pseudo random and sobol quasi random. The latter was(More)
The work models and simulates fire growth in a closed room. It examines the effect of various airflow rates of mechanical ventilation on wall and ceiling temperatures, Heat Release Rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide rates when smoke/fire is detected. The objective of the simulation is to find a way to control the temperature, fire growth and gas rates in the(More)
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