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Organization of quadrifid and bifid hairs in the trap ofUtricularia monanthos
SummaryThe ultrastructure of quadrifid and bifid hairs which line the inside of the trap in the bladderwortUtricularia monanthos are described. Both types of hair consist of a pedestal cell restingExpand
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C-terminal polypeptides are necessary and sufficient for in vivo targeting of transiently-expressed proteins to peroxisomes in suspension-cultured plant cells
SummaryThe potential of tobacco BY-2 suspension-cultured cells for examining in vivo targeting and import of proteins into plant peroxisomes was shown recently in our laboratory. In the currentExpand
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Catalysis of gas hydrates by biosurfactants in seawater-saturated sand/clay
Biosurfactants catalyzed natural gas hydrate formation in sand/clay packs saturated with seawater. Representative samples from the five possible biosurfactant classifications enhanced hydrateExpand
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Organization of mature external glands on the trap and other organs of the bladderwortUtricularia monanthos
SummaryThe mature dome-shaped glands which cover the outer surfaces of the trap, leaves, anchor and runner stolons inU. monanthos are described using conventional and some high voltage transmissionExpand
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Construction of cis- and trans-octahydroisoquinoline-7-ones via a tandem ring-opening and -closing strategy
Abstract cis - and trans -Octahyroisoquinolines can be efficiently constructed via a tandem ring-opening and -closing strategy. The precursors required to achieve this transformation are easilyExpand
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Time-Limited Trials Among Critically Ill Patients With Advanced Medical Illnesses to Reduce Nonbeneficial Intensive Care Unit Treatments: Protocol for a Multicenter Quality Improvement Study
Background Invasive intensive care unit (ICU) treatments for patients with advanced medical illnesses and poor prognoses may prolong suffering with minimal benefit. Unfortunately, the quality of careExpand
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The Fine Art of Chinese Cooking
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