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OBJECTIVE To determine the extent to which a combination of existing machine-readable health terminologies cover the concepts and terms needed for a comprehensive controlled vocabulary for health information systems by carrying out a distributed national experiment using the Internet and the UMLS Knowledge Sources, lexical programs, and server. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE AI/RHEUM is a multimedia expert system developed originally to assist in the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases in adults. In the present study we evaluated the usefulness of a modified version of this diagnostic decision support system in diagnosing childhood rheumatic diseases. METHODOLOGY AI/RHEUM was modified by the addition of 5 new diseases(More)
The Large Scale Vocabulary Test, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), was conducted to determine the extent to which a combination of existing health-related terminologies cover vocabulary needed in health care information systems. The test was conducted over the Internet using a(More)
controlled vocabularies in the test, 41% had related concepts, and 1% were not found. Of the 28% of the terms which were narrower in meaning than a concept in the controlled vocabularies, 86% shared lexical items with the broader concept, but had additional modification. The percentage of exact meaning matches varied by specialty from 45% to 71%.(More)
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