May-Chiun Lo

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Tourism plays an important role in the economy of a developing nation and is considered as one of the main industries for moving the country’s economy. Rural tourism has been actively promoted by governments as well as the tourism industry in Malaysia. It is important to note that stakeholders like industry players do play a crucial role in sustaining(More)
The future of the tourism industry is dependent on local communities’ ability to develop and sustain tourism developments, especially in sensitive rural areas. But there is limited research on this topic to guide tourism authorities and governments. In particular, few studies have studied sustainable rural tourism development from the perspective of the(More)
Building upon the social exchange theory, this paper hypothesized the direct effect of bases of power on job stress with mentoring as moderator. Power bases and job stresses were conceptualized as 7- and 3- dimensional constructs, respectively. One hundred and ninety-five Malaysian managers and executives working in large-scale multinational companies(More)
The rapid growth of Internet shopping has led to increasing interest in how to inspire customer e-loyalty and e-satisfaction in Malaysia. By using TAM and TRA as the theoretical base, this study aims to investigate the impact of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and perceived enjoyment on customer e-loyalty and e-satisfaction. SPSS and SmartPLS(More)
Drawing upon resource based theory which explains human capital as the key resource for the firms’ development, this paper hypothesized that the human resource management (HRM) was anchored on firm performance. HRM were conceptualized as 4and unidimensional constructs, respectively. The main thrust of the paper is to assess the impact of HRM on firm(More)
This study examines the impact of ICTs in local communities. This study was conducted in Bario, a rural tourism destination located in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. The results indicate that ICTs are able to increase the number of visitors. The study also demonstrates the important dimensions that contribute to tourists’ satisfaction so that future ICT(More)
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