May Al-Roomi

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Cloud computing is emerging as a promising field offering a variety of computing services to end users. These services are offered at different prices using various pricing schemes and techniques. End users will favor the service provider offering the best QoS with the lowest price. Therefore, applying a fair pricing model will attract more customers and(More)
The failure rate of logic circuits due to high-energy particles originating from outer space has been increasing dramatically over the past 10 years. Whereas soft errors have traditionally been of much greater concern in memories, smaller feature sizes, lower voltage levels, higher operating frequencies, and reduced logic depth are projected to cause a(More)
Optimizing problems are problems of finding the best feasible solution in a set of solutions. Multi Battalion Search Algorithm (MBSA) is a heuristic algorithm used to solve optimization problems by simulating battlefield strategies and tactics to find optimal or near optimal solutions. The strategy of search in MBSA consists of dividing search space into(More)
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