Maxwell Wise

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Although protein intakes in the United States are widely regarded as adequate, attention has been given to potential inadequacy of recommendations or patterns of intake in older adults. The objectives of this research were to update and expand estimates of protein intake and adequacy in older US adults, with additional focus on contributions of animal(More)
In light of the results of this study, a number of conclusions can be made with reference to full coverage castings. 1. Dental cement causes occlusal displacement. Zinc phosphate cement results in a greater displacement than does temporary zinc oxide-eugenol cement. 2. The disparity in seating of cast restorations obtained with no cement, temporary zinc(More)
The object of this study was to measure any mandibular flexure occurring in the horizontal plane, when R.A.P. recordings were made with an 'anterior jig' (Lucia, 1964), chin-point guidance and patient-applied muscle force. The rationale for the experimental method was that any arch-width change noted at the tooth level reflected a flexure of the mandible.(More)
The study reported compared the positions of the horizontal axis of rotation of the condyles when R.A.P. registrations were taken on seven subjects using; (1) An anterior jig with chinpoint guidance. (2) An anterior jig with chinpoint guidance and applied muscle force by the subject. (3) An anterior jig with bilateral manipulation (i.e. bilateral support of(More)
  • M D Wise
  • Journal of oral rehabilitation
  • 1977
A technique has been presented whereby models which can be animated are used to form a projected image on a screen and thereby demonstrate the principles of occlusion together with principles of articulators. The system can be used alone or in conjunction with clinical slides interjected at relevant places in the discussion. This technique has been found to(More)