Maxwell Sanderford

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Computational diagnosis of amino acid variants in the human exome is the first step in assessing the disruptive impacts of non-synonymous single nucleotide variants (nsSNVs) on human health and disease. The Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis software with mutational diagnosis (MEGA-MD) is a suite of tools developed to forecast the deleteriousness of(More)
correspondence The lack of a common file format has been a significant barrier to the effective sharing of software tools and analysis techniques. As a solution, CXIDB is standardized on CXI files, which are based on the HDF5 format ( In a CXI file, every measurement is represented by an entry that aims to contain all the required(More)
Genome-wide disease association studies contrast genetic variation between disease cohorts and healthy populations to discover single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and other genetic markers revealing underlying genetic architectures of human diseases. Despite scores of efforts over the past decade, many reproducible genetic variants that explain(More)
Widespread sequencing efforts are revealing unprecedented amount of genomic variation in populations. Such information is routinely used to derive consensus reference sequences and to infer positions subject to natural selection. Here, we present a new molecular evolutionary method for estimating neutral evolutionary probabilities (EPs) of each amino acid,(More)
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