Maxwell S. C. Murison

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A prospective randomized trial was undertaken to determine if selective peroperative cholangiography resulted in greater morbidity and mortality from missed common bile duct (CBD) stones. Five hundred and thirty-nine consecutive cholecystectomies were performed over a 3-year period. Two hundred and fifty-four had indications for mandatory peroperative(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of lymphocytes and macrophages to keloid scarring by morphologically characterising inflammatory cell subpopulations in keloid scars in comparison with normal skin. We took 3mm punch biopsies from the anterior forearms of eight normal healthy volunteers. Eight keloid scars were excised using an(More)
Recurrent subdermal scar tethering is a difficult management problem in areas of high tissue mobility. We describe a novel solution to this clinical problem, which involves instilling the anti-fibrotic gel ADCON-T/N in the plane between the skin and the underlying structures. We present our results in three difficult clinical situations where excellent(More)
Accurate coding is essential for local and national data reporting and for contracting. It is also integral to clinical governance. This study aimed to assess the accuracy of coding in Morriston Hospital plastic surgery theatres and coding office, to reaudit and address poor practice. A third coding system, a computerised logbook developed by the senior(More)
There is a need to be able to assess the overall result in a significant series of cases of a method of management of the cleft lip and nose deformity in order to avoid "best case" reporting often used to introduce new techniques. The present study was performed by a panel placing standardised base view photographs in rank order. The photographs were of(More)
Lymphangioma circumscriptum (LC) is an uncommon skin condition characterized by large muscular-coated lymphatic cisterns that lie deep with in the subcutaneous tissue and communicate with dilated dermal lymphatics. Patients suffer from edema and lymphatic leakage. Surgical excision and reconstruction is the gold standard for therapy. However, this can be(More)
BACKGROUND Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) are often seen by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the outpatient setting. Treatment usually necessitates excision of these lesions with an appropriate margin guided by published recommendations, often resulting in less than ideal cosmetic outcomes, especially if local flaps or skin grafts are required for(More)
This double-blinded randomised clinical trial investigated whether application of ADCON-T/N to zone II tendon repairs improved their outcome. Fifty-nine patients were randomised into control or ADCON-T/N treated groups and all followed an early mobilisation regime following tendon repair. Tendon rupture rates were comparable between the control and(More)
Bio-Alcamid (Polymekon Research, Brindisi, Italy) is a permanent soft tissue filler that has been injected for the correction of contour deformities. It has a number of indications, including pectus excavatum. Infection and migration seem to be the most common complications with this product. The authors report an illustrative case of pectus excavatum(More)