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Information system (IS) personnel have exhibit high incidence of technical and managerial anchors. It has been proposed that IS personnel with technical anchors have difficultly moving into a more advanced career stage that requires a greater emphasis on managerial skills (e.g., leadership) and activities. Using the data from a survey of IS professionals,(More)
Turnover is a major concern of human resource (HR) managers working with information systems (IS) personnel. Aspects of career incentives, as perceived by the IS employees, are important in their decisions to leave or stay with the organization. We utilize a framework of various job anchors to examine how a sample of IS personnel regard incentives provided(More)
Charity fundraising organizers increasingly attempt to predict the donations to their causes to maximize the effectiveness of their expenditures and achieve their " social good " objectives. Much of the scholarly work in cause-related fundraising uses organization-specific demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral information about its donors to(More)
Executive summary To remain competitive in the services sector, companies must better understand what drives key customer behaviors such as purchase intent and repeat purchase frequency. The use of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and IBM SPSS Amos* is quickly emerging as a powerful approach to understanding this relationship, not only in academia but(More)
This study uncovers the ignored role of institutional environment for marketing strategy and customer relationship management. Hypothesis tests in a sample of Chinese firms find support that channel networking strengthens the customer orientation–customer trust/commitment– firm performance (CTP) causal chain. In addition, the results show that government(More)
The QR codes have gained wide popularity in mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. However, the hidden security threat on the involved information system might endanger QR codes' success, and this issue has not been adequately addressed. In this paper we propose to examine the life cycle of a redesigned QR code ecosystem to identify the possible(More)
As practical skills in using statistical software could assist business professionals analyze data and make informed decisions, educators need to know how to motivate business students in learning and using the increasingly user-friendly statistical software. Using a sample of 207 online MBA students from an AACSB accredited university in the Midwest, a(More)
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