Maxwell B. Stinchcombe

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We give conditions ensuring that multilayer jeedJorward networks with as Jew as a single hidden layer and an appropriately smooth hidden layer activation fimction are capable of arbitrarily accurate approximation to an arbitrao' function and its derivatives. In fact, these networks can approximate functions that are not dtifferentiable in the classical(More)
Normal form games are nearly compact and continuous (NCC) if they can be understood as games played on strategy spaces that are dense subsets of the strategy spaces of larger compact games with jointly continuous payoffs. There are intrinsic algebraic, measure theoretic, functional analysis, and finite approximabil-ity characterizations of NCC games. NCC(More)
Rapid technological innovation and changing market expectations in electronic commerce are pushing companies to develop strategies for radically new products. Fast and unbiased new marketing research methods are needed to reduce the associated risks. A full-revelation mechanism is a crucial element of these new methods. It can be implemented with a(More)
Infinite normal form games that are mathematically simple have been treated [ Harris, C. in press. Nearly compact and continuous normal form games: characterizations and equilibrium existence. Games Econ. Behav.]. Under study in this paper are the other infinite normal form games, a class that includes the normal forms of most extensive form games with(More)
Under study are games in which players receive private signals and then simultaneously choose actions from compact sets. Payoffs are measurable in signals and jointly continuous in actions. This paper gives a counterexample to the main step in Cotter's [K. Cotter, Correlated equilibrium in games with type-dependent strategies, J. Econ. Theory 54 (1991)(More)