Maxstaley L. Neves

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The yeast Candida lipolytica IA 1055 produced an inducible extracellular emulsification activity while utilizing glucose at different concentrations as carbon source during batch fermentation at 27 degrees C. In all glucose concentrations studied, maximum production of emulsification activity was detected in the stationary phase of growth, after pH reached(More)
The toxic effect of NaCl and KCl on growth of the marine yeast Debaryomyces hansenii on glucose or glycerol was studied. Above a threshold value, both salts reduced the specific growth rate, specific glucose and glycerol respiration rates and specific glucose fermentation rate, as well as biomass yields. The exponential inhibition constant, k, and minimum(More)
We study the problem of proposing Condition-Based Maintenance policies for machines and equipments. Our approach combines an optimization model and input parameters estimation from empirical data. The system deterioration is described by discrete states ordered from the state “as good as new” to the state “completely failed”. At each periodic inspection,(More)
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