Maxine S. Cohen

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Reviewers The Publications Committee of the American Physiological Society gratefully acknowledges the services of the following reviewers who assisted the Editorial Board in the reviews of manuscripts. This document will take you through all the major steps of preparing your manuscript for submission to the American Physiological Society Journals, from how(More)
Computation visualization or algorithm animation is becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of teaching, debugging, and analyzing algorithms. Over the past ten years, several algorithm animation systems have been produced. Proposed here is a new approach and framework for visualizing three-dimensional algorithms or computations. Implemented on a(More)
This workshop will continue to explore issues in HCI education. Our goal for the workshop is to identify ways to increase the collaboration between industry and academia, providing benefit to both. To accomplish this we will bring together a diverse group of participants, evenly distributed between university and indust~ representatives. GOALS. Identify(More)
This research looked at the process of the diffusion of an innovation in the context of smartphones with American senior citizens. The subject of diffusion, or spread of a technology, is a rich and varied topic with more than 60 years of research. Much of this diffusion research does not go beyond the study of the original acceptance of a new idea. An(More)
at the beginning ofrhis review, ] am impressed with Carl's book, 1 am planning to adopt it for my next course in interl~ace design, and I highly" recommend it for those looking for a practical guide for turning analysis inro design. It is ver:: readable and is sprinkled liberally with examples of good and bad design. If I could, there are two things I would(More)