Maxine Qun Liu

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The squamous cell carcinoma of lung was induced with methylcholanthrene (MCA) in iodized oil in Wistar rats. During the development of the cancer, the animals were given superoxide dismutase (SOD) or its inhibitor diethyldithiocarbamate (DDC). In DDC group, 3 out of 50 rats developed cancer and 4 developed atypical hyperplasia of bronchial epithelium within(More)
The effects of the continuous-flow output on renal and intestinal microcirculation have not been extensively studied. To address this, the Heartware HVAD pump loaded with continuous and intermittent reduced speed (IRS) modes was implanted in four sheep and then operated at low and high speeds to mimic partial and complete unloading of the left ventricle.(More)