Maxine Offredy

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BACKGROUND Nurses have been involved in prescribing in England since 1996, and to date over 41,000 nurses are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council as prescribers. The majority of evaluative research on nurse prescribing is descriptive and relies on self-report and assessment of patient satisfaction. OBJECTIVES To explore and test nurse(More)
BACKGROUND Various documents emphasize the importance of new roles and new ways of working to modernise delivery of health service and improve the public's health. In particular nurse practitioners are seen as crucial in the modernization process. AIM This paper reports the outcomes of a study conducted in 1998 to ascertain the differences, if any, in the(More)
This paper is concerned with the conceptual frameworks which could be applied to nurse practitioners in general practice in reaching decisions during patient consultations. Four strategies of decision making are explained within a practice context: hypothetico-deductive method, decision analysis, pattern recognition and intuition. The study uses(More)
This paper focuses on one aspect of a research study exploring the cognitive processes of decision making by 11 nurse practitioners and 11 general practitioners from the south east of England, using six patient scenarios during 2000. It sets out to explain some of their decision-making processes. This paper is part of a larger study discussing the use of(More)
This paper sets out to assess the evidence of the use of a case management approach when dealing with long term conditions in the UK. It draws on published papers, some of which emulated or adapted strategies that were used in the USA. The review found that despite there being a unified definition of case management, patients and carers reported benefits of(More)
This paper focuses on the current healthcare system in Cuba and provides a description of an alternative healthcare provision. The information is based on a visit to the country in 2007 as a member of a health study tour. The purpose of the visit was to explore the functioning of a population-based health service and to interview key people. The data are(More)
AIM The aim of this paper is to identify and descriptively map the key characteristics of the model of service delivery in operation, and to explore the user, carer and professional experience of service provision. This included an exploration of congruity and mismatch between the different stakeholder groups. BACKGROUND In the United Kingdom (UK), 15% of(More)
This paper provides a structured chronology of an investigation into a significant untoward incident in an elderly care ward. Using Reason's Swiss Cheese Model, which has become one of the dominant paradigms for analysing clinical and patient safety incidents, it charts the interplay of national and local policies resulting in unsafe practice. A qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND The North American model of 'advanced access' has been emulated by the National Primary Care Collaborative in the UK as a way of improving patients' access in primary care. The aim of this study was to explore the impact of the implementation of advanced access on the working lives of general practice staff. METHODS A qualitative study design,(More)