Maxine Molyneux

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Erythemally-weighted ultraviolet (UV ery) levels measured over southern England, during anticyclon-ic weather between 30 April and 2 May, 1997, were almost 50% higher than normally expected for clear skies and were similar to midsummer values for the ®rst time since measurements began in 1990. Investigation of this episode suggests that a combination of(More)
BACKGROUND Movement skill competence (e.g. the ability to throw, run and kick) is a potentially important physical activity determinant. However, little is known about the long-term impact of interventions to improve movement skills in early childhood. This study aimed to determine whether intervention preschool children were still more skill proficient(More)
National women's organizations were a ubiquitous feature of all of the east European state socialist countries during the twentieth century. Although the character of these organizations varied from country to country, they were all state-run mass organizations headed by political appointees who were variously charged with mobilizing domestic women and(More)
This article analyses two instances of abortion law reform in Latin America. In 2006, after a decades-long impasse, the highly controversial issue of abortion came to dominate the political agenda when Colombia liberalized its abortion law and Nicaragua adopted a total ban on abortion. The article analyses the central actors in the reform processes, their(More)
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