Maximillian Perez

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A total of 635 DNA sequences from 35 species of mollusks were used as taxonomic support to investigate several distribution features of polymononucleotides in genomic regions of different functionality. We show that all polymononucleotide types in mollusks fit to expectations in exons but not in nonexonic regions, in agreement with a leading role of(More)
— This paper explores designs for the implementation of high sensitivity accelerometers based on Fabry-Pérot Interferometers. Although such structures have the potential to achieve µg resolutions, design and implementation challenges can be limiting. This paper discusses the creation of such devices using two distinct proof mass and optical designs: one of(More)
For calibrating the camera, an accurate determination of the interior orientation parameters is needed. For more accurate results, the calibration images should be taken under conditions that are similar to the field samples. The aim of this work is the establishment of an efficient and accurate digital camera calibration method to be used in particular(More)
Yeasts play a central role in the wine making process. To study the yeasts in a stable environment and physiological state, a Multi-Stage Continuous Fermentor (MSCF) has been designed that mimics steps of the batch fermentation process. In this paper, the problem of the control of the sugar concentrations in each of the four reactors of the MSCF is(More)
An efficient procedure for preparing enantiopure polycyclic ethers is reported. The protocol is based on the photo-oxidation/conjugate addition sequence over a chiral functionalized furan, which was prepared from commercially available tri-O-acetyl-D-glucal. The Michael addition step afforded two products with the same absolute configuration from a mixture(More)
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