Maximilien Breughe

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Hardware customization is an effective approach for meeting application performance requirements while achieving high levels of energy efficiency. Application-specific processors achieve high performance at low energy by tailoring their designs towards a specific workload, i.e., an application or application domain of interest. A fundamental question that(More)
Mechanistic processor performance modeling builds an analytical model from understanding the underlying mechanisms in the processor and provides fundamental insight in program-microarchitecture interactions, as well as microarchitecture structure scaling trends and interactions. Whereas prior work in mechanistic performance modeling focused on superscalar(More)
The design process of a microprocessor requires representative workloads to steer the search process toward an optimum design point for the target application domain. However, considering a broad set of workloads to cover the large space of potential workloads is infeasible given how time-consuming design space exploration typically is. Hence, it is crucial(More)
Superscalar in-order processors form an interesting alternative to out-of-order processors because of their energy efficiency and lower design complexity. However, despite the reduced design complexity, it is nontrivial to get performance estimates or insight in the application--microarchitecture interaction without running slow, detailed cycle-level(More)
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