Maximiliano Rodrigo Rodríguez

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Primary duodenal adenocarcinoma is an infrequent malignant tumor that usually affects persons 60 to 70 years-old. Its clinical manifestations are nonspecific. The diagnosis is suspected on the basis of gastroduodenal contrast radiography and it is generally confirmed by endoscopic biopsy. It is slow to metastasize, so early diagnosis can lead to curative(More)
INTRODUCTION It is estimated that chronic hepatitis B affects to than 350 million people around the world. Patients with AgHB- minus account, in some areas, for between 50-80% of the total of the population with chronic hepatitis B. Spontaneous clearance is rare within these patients, the response to interferon is low and the probability of developing(More)
We describe the diagnosis of a large paraesophageal hernia that showed a risk of torsion in an 84-year-old man who had good health status and no clinical antecedents of interest until the previous night when he woke up and felt dyspnea, some pain located in the epigastrium and a fever spike. After a short interview with ambiguous and inconclusive answers,(More)