Maximiliane Krick

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In this paper, we comment on a patient who consulted us because of his "lower backpain" together with the appearance of a small swelling at the left side. Anamnesis and clinical examination were suggestive and further simple diagnostic methods confirmed the exceptional diagnosis of a "lumbar hernia of Petit". We describe the retroperitoneoscopic approach of(More)
BACKGROUND Amino acids are an integral part of parenteral nutrition because of their anabolic action helping to conserve body protein after surgical stress. At the gastrointestinal tract, an adequate supply of amino acids may be particularly important because of the gut's high rate of protein turnover, cell division, and proliferation. However, no(More)
The benefit of emergency endoscopy and therapeutic policies based on certain stigmata of bleeding has recently been demonstrated in patients with peptic ulcer hemorrhage. Applying a simple method of computer-aided diagnosis to a set of prospective data (n = 571) we investigated the question as to whether information on the history (28 variables) and(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, it is unknown whether recommended rates of amino acid infusion are sufficient to support hepatic or intestinal protein synthesis specifically after operation. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of a standard parenteral amino acid dose on serum albumin and ileum protein synthetic rates in postabsorptive patients(More)
Isolation of high-purity albumin from plasma is essential to study albumin kinetics in vivo with tracer techniques. Because of its simplicity ethanol extraction has been repeatedly used for albumin purification. However, it cannot be excluded that this single-step procedure completely prohibits contamination by other proteins, especially those known to be(More)
OBJECTIVE Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) represents the recent advance in laparoscopic surgery claiming to be less invasive than conventional laparoscopic surgery. This study investigates the feasibility and safety of the procedure in colorectal surgery and reports the experiences in our center. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 41(More)
QUESTION The HELLP Syndrome as a complication of severe preeclampsia is becoming more frequent; because of the high risk for mother and child the immediate diagnostic and consistent therapy is of great importance. METHODS AND RESULTS From 1989 to 1992 there were in the Frauenklinik Krefeld 17 out of 5413 deliveries with HELLP Syndrome (3.1/1000). The(More)
We performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 300 patients with gallstone disease complicated or not. The rate success was 97%, however involved the pathology might be. Indeed, 15% of the patients had an acute cholecystitis (10% catarrhalis, 5% empyema). Twenty-four patients with common bile duct stones had a complete endoscopic management of the biliary(More)
The rising use of the EDP in hospitals of each order of magnitude raises different problems. Since each field of activity has own hard and software requests, this leads first of all to a multiplicity of heterogeneous isolated solutions, which make economic maintenance and servicing much more difficult. Besides redundancies and bad investments are(More)
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