Maximilian Wimmer

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BACKGROUND Cardiac abnormalities are frequently not detected by routine ultrasound screening examinations. Although detailed fetal echocardiography is more sensitive in detection of congenital heart disease, it is used only for high-risk cases. The main aim of this study was to assess the prenatal detection of congenital heart disease by detailed fetal(More)
Computing the nondominated set of a multiple objective mathematical program has long been a topic in multiple criteria decision making. In this paper, motivated by the desire to extend Markowitz portfolio selection to an additional linear criterion (dividends, liquidity, sustainability, etc.), we demonstrate an exact method for computing the nondominated(More)
We present a framework for inverse optimization in a Markowitz portfolio model that is extended to include a third criterion. The third criterion causes the traditional nondominated frontier to become a surface. Until recently, it had not been possible to compute such a surface. But by using a new method that is able to generate the nondominated surfaces of(More)
One of the most important factors shaping world outcomes is where investment dollars are placed. In this regard, there is the rapidly growing area called sustainable investing where environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) measures are taken into account. With people interested in this type of investing rarely able to gain exposure to the area(More)
A number of African countries, including Kenya, have experienced a marked rise in births among unmarried women. In Western countries, reproduction outside of marriage is assumed to be illegitimate and a social problem. One hypothesis used to explain the increasing incidence of premarital fertility in Africa is a breakdown of traditional social controls by(More)
We present four models for predicting temperatures that can be used for pricing weather derivatives. Three of the models have been suggested in previous literature, and we propose another model which uses splines to remove trend and seasonality effects from temperature time series in a flexible way. Using historical temperature data from 35 weather stations(More)
OBJECTIVE Treatment of lung cancer patients is changing rapidly and new treatment options have emerged in recent years. In 2007, to guarantee the best treatment procedure for lung cancer patients being treated in our peripheral hospital, we decided to introduce an interdisciplinary tumour videoconference between the Haemato-Oncological Day Hospital in(More)
This paper analyzes the persistence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-scores in socially responsible (SR) mutual funds. ESG-scores can be used as a measure for the level of social responsibility of an SR mutual fund. It is shown that ESG-scores persist for approximately two years. However, the persistence of the ESG-scores is terminated after(More)
In this article, we examine a broad sample of socially responsible (SR) and conventional mutual funds with respect to financial and ethical parameters. We cannot document profound differences in their financial performance. With regard to ethical performance, we indeed find that an investor who seeks to avoid the least ethical of all available funds can do(More)