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The Transition of Global Order: Legitimacy and Contestation
1. Global Orders: Contestation and Transition 2. Order Transition, Systemic Legitimacy and Institutionalization 3. Order Transition in a Hybrid Environment 4. Order Transition, Common Culture andExpand
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Great-power politics, order transition, and climate governance: insights from international relations theory
The complex politics of climate change cannot be properly understood without reference to deeper geopolitical trends in the wider international system. Chief among these is the growing resurgence ofExpand
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to shield the kingdom’s Sunnibrethren against any Shia-supportedexpulsion should Iraq split up. Even thoughNawaf Obaid was dismissed shortlyafterwards, presumably for his boldness,his words reflectedExpand
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Reciprocal Socialization: Rising Powers and the West
Maximillian Terhalle. (2011) Reciprocal Socialization. International Studies Perspectives, doi: 10.1111/j.1528-3585.2011.00442.x © 2011 International Studies Association This article asks how theExpand
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Order Transition, Systemic Legitimacy and Institutionalization
The structure of this chapter is as follows. The first section shows why existing theories have failed to account for both China’s nonsocialization and the United States’ (and China’s) evasion ofExpand
Renegotiating the Environmental Rules of Global Order
This chapter outlines the ways in which China and the United States have been renegotiating the environmental rules of the global order since 2008/9. More specifically, since Clark’s purelyExpand
Renegotiating the Ideology-Related Aspects of Global Order
This case study looks at the ongoing process of renegotiating Clark’s “morality” of the global order (2005) and Gilpin’s “ideological … values common to a set of states” (1981:34) with reference toExpand