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We report the first fully integrated single photon avalanche diode array fabricated in 0.35 mum CMOS technology. At 25 mum, the pixel pitch achieved by this design is the smallest ever reported. Thanks to the level of miniaturization enabled by this design, we were able to build the largest single photon streak camera ever built in any technology, thus(More)
Several hundred clinical trials currently explore the role of circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis for therapy decisions, but assays are lacking for comprehensive molecular characterization of CTCs with diagnostic precision. We therefore combined a workflow for enrichment and isolation of pure CTCs with a non-random whole genome amplification method for(More)
Precision medicine in oncology requires an accurate characterization of a tumor molecular profile for patient stratification. Though targeted deep sequencing is an effective tool to detect the presence of somatic sequence variants, a significant number of patient specimens do not meet the requirements needed for routine clinical application. Analysis is(More)
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