Maximilian Rosch

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Low-voltage MOSFETs are widely used in the synchronous rectifying stages of power supplies. To allow a high efficiency in light-load conditions, the power MOSFET not only needs to meet general requirements like low on-resistance, low gate charge and good avalanche capability, but must also have a low output capacitance and low reverse-recovery charge. The(More)
A new 100-V power MOSFET of the OPTIMOSreg 2-family is described. The application of compensation principles leads to a device technology that combines low R<sub>ON</sub> with outstanding switching properties. The technology also offers small gate charge Q<sub>G</sub> and gate resistance R<sub>G</sub>. In addition, the internal body diode, if acting as(More)
The avalanche behavior of new 150 V trench power MOSFETs was designed with the help of two- dimensional device simulation techniques. The devices employ the compensation principle for low on-state losses. A new edge-termination structure ensures that avalanche breakdown always occurs in the cell region of the device. For the transistor cells, two different(More)
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