Maximilian Nicolae

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region, a decision theoretic method and two types of statistic texture feature are used. The first type features derive from the average co-occurrence matrices: contrast, energy, entropy, homogeneity, and variance. The second type features are the following: the grey level histogram, the grey level difference histogram, and the edge density per unit of(More)
In this paper has been studied the problem of consensusability for singleinput discrete-time MASs over directed communication graphs with fixed topology. The control input of each agent can only use its local state and the states of its neighbors. The results obtained in this paper extend some recent known results for the case when the network topology is a(More)
The paper presents a novel architecture based on frequent utilization of PDAs and mobile phones as human machine interface (HMI) in controlling various systems. There are two main considerations discussed. One is with regards to real-time constraints in the context of industrial process control. The second is the possibility of transferring some tasks from(More)
The paper presents a method for the classification and identification of texture image regions. To compare regions, a data base with single texture images is used. The dimension of the reference images is greater than the analyzed region dimension. For the proper region recognition a decision theoretic method and two types of statistic texture feature are(More)
Nowadays an extensive attention is given to UAVs and their applications. One applications category can be underserved by hybrid systems composed from UAV and ground WSN. UAV can gather data from ground WSN which, at its turn could be initially deployed by the UAV itself. Ground nodes are limited in battery life, therefore, an efficient communication(More)
At the beginning of the paper it is presented an alerting system architecture based on mobile sensor network. Then it is analyzed the current available radio communication infrastructure which can be used for implementation of alerting systems in conjunction with the alerting systems requirements. Further we shown how the digital signal processor (DSPs) are(More)
This paper addresses the problem of providing customized real-time dependable communication services for distributed and delay-sensitive applications. The proposed architecture is that of a real-time groupware system which enables meeting of dependability requirements through replication. The communication infrastructure is implemented with real time(More)
The paper presents a software application for automated evaluation of students with quiz testes which doesn't use computer for every participant at the test, though maintaining the advantage of automated assessment of computer based systems. The benefits of the application, regardless the automated evaluation, are related to the possibilities of generating(More)
In this paper is addressed the issue how to provide QoS control and improve performance in high speed Optical Burst Switching (OBS) networks. In order to provide better proportional differentiated services is proposed a novel burst assembly algorithm (named adaptive timer-based) with traffic shaping functions to reduce the variance of assembled traffic and(More)