Maximilian Kriegleder

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This paper discusses distributed average consensus in the context of a distributed embedded system with multiple agents connected through a communication network. Adversities such as switching of network topologies, agents joining or leaving the network, and communication link creation or failure may arise in these systems. To address these difficulties, we(More)
This paper describes a generalized method for computing the altitude and attitude of a rigid body with respect to an inertial frame using a set of distance measurements obtained from a sensor network. In the case where all sensors are centrally measurable, a linear-optimal estimate is obtained. This method is used as a way for estimating altitude and(More)
This paper discusses Algorithm A2 in "Asynchronous Distributed Averaging on Communication Networks" (IEEE Trans. Netw., vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 512-520, Jun. 2007), which claims to solve the distributed averaging problem provided that the parameters to the algorithm meet certain constraints. Specifically, the states of each node in the network are claimed to(More)
This paper proposes a generalized algorithm that enables mobile agents to meet in a bounded region based only on bearing information of other agents within their vicinity. Each agent repeatedly employs a stop-and-go strategy consisting of the following three actions: (1) Estimate the bearing of agents in its vicinity, (2) compute a target point based on the(More)
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